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You can now bookmark your favourite threads and posts by using the new 'Bookmark' button listed above all threads to bookmark threads or use the small icon listed below all posts to bookmark individual posts

To locate your bookmarks, click on forum actions >> general settings and you find all your bookmarks listed at the bottom from where you can view and delete them.
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Thanks for this great addition TG, I am sure members will find it useful.
Cool! What's the status of getting the spell checker back online? I'm using my Google spell checker, so it's not a big deal; just less mouse movement from the editing screen to the DT spell checker than to the top of the browser.

Boy, am I lazy or what? :laugh:
ie-spell still works as long as you are not on IE9. No fix for IE9 yet.
I'm on IE8. What little of IE9 I've seen, I don't care for.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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