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Bought new Woods BW180 15 ft. Batwing over the John Deere MX 15

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I really was interested in the JD MX 15 but two things kept me from buying one. Number one, the MX 15 does not have any type of suspension for the rear wheels. I know the more expensive machines have springs either mechanical or air over each tire for smoothing out the ride. The MX literature said that the 16 ply severe ag tires was enough suspension for the duty level of the MX cutter. I don't agree. All other companies have some type of float system. I mean what would it cost to add a spring float to the cutter? I know on my older M&W 15 ft. it had one spring in the center of the machine were the cylinder hooked up. As you were mowing you always saw that spring working up and down continiously. This has to take metal stress off the machine.
The number 2 reason is my local dealer would not sell me one. He said I wouldn't be happy with it and could not recommend it. However when you read the specs on the MX vs HX the only difference is the gearboxes and suspension. I priced a HX 15 straight out for $14,800 and bought the Woods for $11,400. By the way could have gotten the MX 15 for $11,500. I would sure like to of seen a green cutter instead of a yellow one behind my JD tractor. Deere loses another sale over petty stuff. Do you all know of any cutter company that does not import their gearboxes from China? I know for sure JD, Woods, Landpride and others do.
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I cannot imagine not having some suspension in a mower of that size. My MX6 beats me up in rough ground.

We have a 15 foot flail that is a tow behind. We had to increase the tire size and run the tires soft to ease the ride. That has suspension, but its stiff.

You have to buy the best thats out there at the time. Sounds like you made a good move. Got any pics?
I have not seen a MX15. I have a HX-15. It has been a good mower. I have broken some yokes in it. Back in the day, the HX series got black yokes and the CX got yellow ones. I just replaced the last black one in mine. I hope these yellow ones hold up better.

I bought my HX-15 5 years ago for a touch over $10K. I think $10,500.

I talked to a buddy of mine that just bought a used batwing. He said the rate these days is $1K a foot.

I believe all my gear boxes are made in Spain on my HX-15 and MX-6.

Also - no suspension - that sucks.

I mowed about 20 acres with my HX-15 today. I think it is a mistake to not have suspension in these mowers unless it is a tire with a lot more sidewall.

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