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Brake and forward/reverse pedals restricted movement

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Hey all. A while ago I made a post saying after sitting most of the summer in a shed, my 1025R's brake pedal was not resetting back on its own when I lift my foot. Same or similar with the forward / backward pedals.

Well, it ended up being a rust problem again. So many metal on metal friction, everywhere, on this tractor.

For the brake, there is a rod going across the tractor, with two friction points, that were really rusted on mine. So rusted in fact, I didn't even understand they could move, so it took me 2 hours to figure out I could / had to remove them to remove the rod!
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You can see one here with the rod. This is after removing rust, adding paint and lubricant:
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And WOW does it make a difference. All of last year, once in a while, I had to pull the brake with my foot, always wondering if it was back entirely, not wanting to burn the disc. Now, it springs back all the way as fast as I can move my foot!

For the other pedals, the main rod linking the pedals to the transmission was rusted and has a ball joint that was no longer mobile.
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You can see it here pre-treatment:
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That fixed it too, but I am less amazed. I think I should have checked the cylinder as well but it is not easy to reach and I had 5in of snow coming the same night, so I had to finish everything up quickly. Also, now I need to check how to fix creeping, because I have a very slight forward creep.

So that's it for this chapter of "Johnny the salt fairy". Hopefully this'll help someone with a similar problem at some point!