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I have some pokey bushes (wild rose and blackberries) that I need to get rid of. Of course I'll use my toothbar as much as possible, but it's gonna need hand work for up close and personal battles.

For some reason I have bad "allergies" to getting poked; each little thorn makes a huge welt on my hands, ankles or whatnot.

I think the answer might be Dan's; they use some sort of heavy nylon, and you can get a waterproof layer or some insulation, depending on what you need. I'm gonna go with the bibs vs. chaps. I have a welding coat and gloves for the rest of me.

Has anybody got comments on Dan's stuff? It's American made up in Ohio. Expensive, but the quality seems to be there. They also make biar coats and other stuff for coon hunters, bunny shoots and upland birds.

P.S. Tried BDUs under coveralls last year- a slight improvement over just BDUs (Army fatigues) but not much.
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