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Brillion Seeder Brushes

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Brillion Seeder Brushes for GLP642

Anyone know if these brushes will work once or twice more?

I just ordered some new brushes, but I was going to try it out
this year on a small test area.

I have no idea how this thing works yet, and I thought I'd see if
any of you have any experience with such a thing.

The only other thing that seemed to be wrong with this thing was
a missing spring on the right side. I've ordered that too. I'm not
sure how it goes on on the back side though, the manual doesn't
show it connected.

Anyway, aside from these mechanical issues. I was wondering if this
thing will work for a food plot where there is a mixture of
different kinds of seeds?

I intend to try to plant alfalfa; I hope it works for that. It does have
a pin to cut out the seeder box and work only as a cultipacker. So
I could use a broadcast spreader for larger stuff, I suppose.


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I have the same seeder. It will work a while yet. The problem is when brushes get worn down the seed wont stay in the hopper as it leaks past. New brushes fix that. The Brillion works great with a variety of seeds from wheat all grasses. It is great for seeding on sloped areas as it packs well. The biggest thing about them to watch out for is don't back up the seeder with it on the ground. This will result in twisting the entire brush assembly.
The problem is when brushes get worn down the seed wont stay in the hopper as it leaks past.....This will result in twisting...
Thanks for the info and the caution.

I've found a recipe for how to use the thing.

But I've been told that if you plant (alfalfa) in the spring, you need a cover crop to keep the weeds down. Would it be possible to mix in some sort of cover crop seed amongst the alfalfa seed to take care of this? What type of cover crop seed would fit/run through this seeder?

Is a cover crop really, always necessary?

Thanks very much!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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