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Bro-Tek Ripper for 260 BH

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I know that a few on GTT have a Bro-Tek ripper, I just received mine and here are a few pics.

Dealing with Richard was a pleasure, all done by email and paypal. I ordered it on Saturday, paid on Sunday, and it was at my door on Friday :thumbup1gif:.

It is pretty stoutly built, and with only an hour on it, all I can say is it's doing what I expected, and it's stronger than my 260 BH, so no bending is expected. Weight is about 31 lbs, I didn't weigh it, but the postage label says 14.5 kg.

A friend told me that changing buckets/BH attachments can sometimes require a hammer and drift due to alignment issues, no problem here, pins went in perfectly.

I'm digging out stumps or digging near them. It's quite a bit easier to deal with roots now, it can get in between the larger ones so I can clear the dirt and whack them with an axe. The smaller one's just snap, but anything in the 2" range (maple) may take a few tries, and for larger roots ... well maybe a bigger tractor and backhoe.:lol: Where my bucket would ride up on top of the roots, the ripper can get deeper. My only complaint, which has nothing to do with ripper, is that I have to reposition a lot to get at the roots. But that was expected.

In summary, very satisfied.


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Those are a nice thing to have.:thumbup1gif: The only thing I would have changed on that design is to have welded a tooth adapter on it so the tooth could be changed or switched to a differant style:unknown:
It will be more handy than you can imagin.:drinks:
Tom is teasing us with his BH again!

That is a really nice attachment. I can see many uses for it.:thumbup1gif: A replaceable tooth could be a good idea too.:drinks:
Looks awesome! Roots beware:thumbup1gif:
My ripper that I ordered from Bro-Tek is suppose to ship today if all goes as planned which means I should get it next week. Richard told me that it will look the same as yours Tom but be a little bigger for the 8B BH. He also told me that he has not had any problems from users with the tooth wearing down and needing to be replaced. It is made of hardened steel. So I am looking forward to getting it and testing it out on some rock picking as well as roots. I will take some pictures when I do and post them.
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