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Bro-Tek Ripper for 260 BH

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I know that a few on GTT have a Bro-Tek ripper, I just received mine and here are a few pics.

Dealing with Richard was a pleasure, all done by email and paypal. I ordered it on Saturday, paid on Sunday, and it was at my door on Friday :thumbup1gif:.

It is pretty stoutly built, and with only an hour on it, all I can say is it's doing what I expected, and it's stronger than my 260 BH, so no bending is expected. Weight is about 31 lbs, I didn't weigh it, but the postage label says 14.5 kg.

A friend told me that changing buckets/BH attachments can sometimes require a hammer and drift due to alignment issues, no problem here, pins went in perfectly.

I'm digging out stumps or digging near them. It's quite a bit easier to deal with roots now, it can get in between the larger ones so I can clear the dirt and whack them with an axe. The smaller one's just snap, but anything in the 2" range (maple) may take a few tries, and for larger roots ... well maybe a bigger tractor and backhoe.:lol: Where my bucket would ride up on top of the roots, the ripper can get deeper. My only complaint, which has nothing to do with ripper, is that I have to reposition a lot to get at the roots. But that was expected.

In summary, very satisfied.


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Tom is teasing us with his BH again!

That is a really nice attachment. I can see many uses for it.:thumbup1gif: A replaceable tooth could be a good idea too.:drinks:
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