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Broadcast sand spreader for 2305

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Any recommendations on a good broadcast spreader for a JD 2305? Got a quote on a Frontier from the local JD dealer, but looking for alternatives. Must be capable spreading sand.

Would also appreciate any links to Canadian dealers you may have....
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I had this one... Spreader

Not the poly one, but metal. I got rid of it because it was so large and I needed it on a smaller scale. Worked very well for me. I have no clue how it would do with sand...
I have never seen anything that is I-match only. When things are ordered Imatch compatable, they are just sent with the bushings needed to make it work. You will have no issue using this with a normal cat 1 3 point hitch.

Congrats! Glad you found one! Go get it!
Have you talked to the guy on the phone or just via email?
Interesting. It looks nice.... But you can see it was used a bit.

He put in the disclaimer for you...:laugh:
Just an FYI, you should be able to walk into any TSC an purchase something over $100.00 and get 10% off. Just ask them when you check out or if they are showing you the implement.
So..... What if you went to Daves and borrowed some of his equipment. Would you have to pay duty on it to take it to your place and use it?

I am not saying this for you to "cheat", but in couriosity. I delivered a boat I sold to a guy in New York by driving through Canada. I had no issues going through customs. Either way. I did get pulled over by a Canadian Trooper for speeding, and he asked if he could look at the boat...LOL.. He said he loved fountains, but I question if he was looking for anything else. He did let me go without a ticket...:unknown:
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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