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Broadcast sand spreader for 2305

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Any recommendations on a good broadcast spreader for a JD 2305? Got a quote on a Frontier from the local JD dealer, but looking for alternatives. Must be capable spreading sand.

Would also appreciate any links to Canadian dealers you may have....
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Herd M-96...I wish I had one!
wish I had the money they cost :fed:
Here is a quote I got directly from them 2 years ago when I was going to get one-and my local dealer was jerking me around:

Dear Ken,

If you would buy the seeder directly from us, the cost of the seeder would be $441.00 and the UPS shipping would be approximately $55.00. Most dealers will give you a discount, but I can see that your dealer is quite pricey. I don't understand why he is charging so much, as he gets a discount from us.

If you want to purchase the seeder through us, just call us on our toll free line, 866-753-6311 and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you
Why and what makes a herd spreader better than other spreaders? I'm looking for a good spreader and I like the poly types for rust and rot control. I'm learning here so I am open to enlightening information.:unknown::good2:
I think they have mastered the metering on the Herd's, so you get a well controlled spread with different sized materials. In all the searching I did, I never read a bad thing about them or the after sale support.
Yup, you won't have a save up some $$$ for a iMatch:laugh:
Confirmed with the Service Manager at the local JD Dealer, no problem :tongue: Only thing he stressed is to check the driveshaft length, he's seen instances where guys have taken the longer i-match driveshaft length, not shortened it, raised it, and promptly cracked the trannie case due to excess strain because the shaft is longer for the i-match version

Already know where there is a used i-match, but will have to wait, wifey is starting to ask questions about paying this all back...:lol:
Well, if it does have the longer shaft-then I suggest you NOT cut it since you plan on getting the iMatch...PTO shafts are not cheap, but you can buy extenders that are reasonably priced later if you do need to cut it now. And your dealer is 10054 correct about cracked tranny cases:thumbsdown:
Wouldn't have to pay duty if it's American made, under NAFTA if bought in the U.S..
That's another plus for the Herd model right there:thumbup1gif: Have it shipped to Dave's house?
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