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Broadcast sand spreader for 2305

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Any recommendations on a good broadcast spreader for a JD 2305? Got a quote on a Frontier from the local JD dealer, but looking for alternatives. Must be capable spreading sand.

Would also appreciate any links to Canadian dealers you may have....
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I've heard the Herd spreaders are nice...seen one, and they LOOK nice, but I've never used one.
Me...Myself, I'm a fan of the Pendular type spreaders because of the ability to change the spread patterns, etc...but the cost isnt a "Bright Spot" LOL!
Spud, if you're reading this then we should try and hook up when I hit Maine for a coffee...
Yessir I'm reading!
Where in Maine you planning on heading to?
ACTUALLY.....I might know where theres a gently used Herd 750.....well it was there last Fall when I was there last. I had eyed it myself...Been a few months, so it might be gone.
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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