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Broadcast sand spreader for 2305

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Any recommendations on a good broadcast spreader for a JD 2305? Got a quote on a Frontier from the local JD dealer, but looking for alternatives. Must be capable spreading sand.

Would also appreciate any links to Canadian dealers you may have....
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Are you looking at a trailer stye or 3pt? I myself went with the Frontier SS2036B 3pt hitch style. I pulled trailers for years and now will not go back. In my opinion the 3pt is the only way to go. It is way easier to maneuver around the yard. Mine is the poly hopper with stainless steel gates. I am not sure of the impeller material, either plastic or stainless, great for salt. It said it wasn't quick hitch compatible but I found I could work around that and made it adaptable. Sorry can't help you with the Canadian dealer thing. So what model did you get quoted?
Hey Randy, thanks for the reply. Will be going with a 3pt. for sure. Model quoted by the dealer was SS1067B, Cdn. price is $700 + tax, and they need to add an agitator to it.
That would be a good choice. I kinda liked the plastic and stainless for rust prevention. When all said and done I think mine was about $950 USD.

Here is the broachure.

I also, looked closely at the LandPride units when I was considering the purchase.


Thanks again, the brochure shows that the 10 series are rated for seed and lime. Think it will be okay for sand? Dealer does, as long as they put the agitator in and the sand is dry and not crusher run....
:thumbup1gif: Yeeeuuup, I agree with your dealer. You should be fine with the optional agitator.
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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