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Hi All:

This is my first post with GreenTractor and looking for some feedback from anyone that owns either the Frontier Broadcast spreader SS10 or the Frontier Pendular Spreader 2210P. I've owned a 2305 for six years and have been getting accessories for it. The tractor is fantastic and works with me on maintaining my six acre yard with pond as well as my workhorse storing boats and campers in a 40,000 sq ft building I rent for winter storage.

I have been wanting a spreader for a few years and decided this year to order one. Then I discovered the pendular spreader, its appealing to be because it looks like you have more control on the direction. However the broadcast spreader also has a deflector I believe and will direct right or left.

Am I right in thinking that the broadcast spreader will cover more area and the deflector will do a good enough job keeping fertilizer from getting into my pond?

Any one that has either spreader or has used one please share your comments on the experience.

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