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Bucket Size

Bucket Size

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Hey All,

What size bucket do you prefer for your loader?

It seems to me that many people automatically think bigger is better. I guess that's true for moving loose materials, above grade. But I use mine for cutting just as much so when moving up to the 2520 I kept the old 49" bucket from my 2305 and got a 61" bucket with the 2520. So far, I've stuck with my trusty old 49" for most landscaping uses and have only used the 61" to move some short logs (too short for the forks). The 61" is massive in comparison to the 49 (depth as well as width). With my 49, I can still see around the side of the bucket to know what the cutting edge is doing. With the 61", forget about it. Using the 49 doesn't stress the loader as much either, by default. To help reduce this further, I'm planning to add a tooth bar to the 49 soon too. Anyway, just wondering...
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Bucket on the B21 is 60", enough to cover the width of the tractor with a few extra inches. I'll click on the pol, but, my real answer (and this applies to box blades, snow blowers and angled blades too) is "Just a bit wider than the tractor".

Maybee randy can add that in as a response. I can't believe he's afraid of the red button since many cameras and camcorders have red buttons to take pictures:mocking:.

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