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Bucket Size

Bucket Size

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Hey All,

What size bucket do you prefer for your loader?

It seems to me that many people automatically think bigger is better. I guess that's true for moving loose materials, above grade. But I use mine for cutting just as much so when moving up to the 2520 I kept the old 49" bucket from my 2305 and got a 61" bucket with the 2520. So far, I've stuck with my trusty old 49" for most landscaping uses and have only used the 61" to move some short logs (too short for the forks). The 61" is massive in comparison to the 49 (depth as well as width). With my 49, I can still see around the side of the bucket to know what the cutting edge is doing. With the 61", forget about it. Using the 49 doesn't stress the loader as much either, by default. To help reduce this further, I'm planning to add a tooth bar to the 49 soon too. Anyway, just wondering...
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Got the chance to break out the 61" bucket this weekend to spread some compost loam. I took 2 yards out of my landscape trailer in about 10 minutes with that bucket, probably about 6-7 loads. It covers most of the width of the 6' wide trailer bed, but fits just right between some tie down shackles I have in the floor.

For light bulk, that bucket is the cat's meow on these 2X20's. I'm looking forward to attacking some snow piles with it this winter. What a difference between the 49 and 61.


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Is that a landscape rake you have on the rear hitch? How does it do for ballast when that big bucket is full?
Hi TT,

Great question. It's been hot and dry lately so this soil had almost no moisture content. Plus, it is half compost, half loam so it is about the density of mulch. This was my first use of the 2520 / 61 bucket / rake (yes, it's a Woods 60" LR) so I took it real easy. It was close but I had no problems. As always, I keep the bucket low and I only had to roll about 20 feet for this task. If any of these factors were different, I'd have changed to the ballast box. Glad you asked.
I'm with JD755. The 53" bucket on my 2520 seemed to be a good choice to be as wide as the rear wheels.
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