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Building a Kids MX Track

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I plan to try to keep this updated as a small build thread for my kids MX track. Both my kids are yougn but love to be outside, so this year they got a Polaris RZR 170 in the spring. Anyone with 2 kids knows that having one of something is not always fun for the parents...:empathy3: So we bought 2 more small quads for them to ride on.

I created a very intricate track in 5 acres of alfalfa for them to ride. That lasted until aboutthe end of the year when they asked for soemthing new. So I have started to bring in dirt and add small bumps. We purchased good quads so they all have good suspension, but nothing is too crazy right now.:kidw_truck_smiley: The track will increase in difficulty as my time allows and thier skills become greater.

I also plan to make one single tract rather than a maze of connecting ones to make it easier for other people to ride and have less accidents.

I wish I had a good picture now, but my biggest challenge right now is moving material. I need to move 150 yards of dirt and 500 yards of woodchips. So.. I will keep this updated as we progress. I do not have a dump trailer so this is all getting moved between the tractor and gator. It will be a slow build!
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How long of a haul do you have?
Sounds like it might be a PERFECT application for a Pan Scraper...
Couple things come to mind....
A) I can see a MX Track as something kinda "Personal" will a contractor come in and make it your way? In your case it was a "Get it done" job...not too many options so to speak.
B) Maintenance...MX tracks take a beating...I can see the pan being used somewhat often to maintain the track,
C) Kinda Maintenance, but I was once a get bored easy, with the pan out back Brian could hook up and change up the track every other week if he or the kids wanted.

Blaming it on the kids...LOL Brian. I know this is just as much if not MORE for Daddy!
Another good example of why sometimes it's best to contract out the huge stuff. I then used my B21 to tidy things up. This dropped the cost because all they pan guy had to do was move the big stuff.

Now this concept has me intrigued....I can smell another post coming...or mebbe a product from "EEPetes Super CUT ElectroHydraulic" :laugh:

Wouldn't the length of the pan and the fixed wheels make it naturally grade smoothly?
Now a fun project would be a computer with 3 axis G sensor that maintains a smooth surface by running hydraulic valves (like are used in the E hydro). Get smooth results without setting up a lazer level source.
LOL...If I had even just 1/2 of Brian's money, I'd burn mine.... :dance:
AAaawwh. And we were having so much fun spending your money :cray:.
Take the toothbar off?

I don't have pics of your bucket...but could a person weld on a "drop down" scraper edge of some sort?

I know I'm watching CL every day for a smokin deal on a S/S bucket so I can have a dedicated Tooth bucket and a smooth bucket.
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