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Building a Kids MX Track

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I plan to try to keep this updated as a small build thread for my kids MX track. Both my kids are yougn but love to be outside, so this year they got a Polaris RZR 170 in the spring. Anyone with 2 kids knows that having one of something is not always fun for the parents...:empathy3: So we bought 2 more small quads for them to ride on.

I created a very intricate track in 5 acres of alfalfa for them to ride. That lasted until aboutthe end of the year when they asked for soemthing new. So I have started to bring in dirt and add small bumps. We purchased good quads so they all have good suspension, but nothing is too crazy right now.:kidw_truck_smiley: The track will increase in difficulty as my time allows and thier skills become greater.

I also plan to make one single tract rather than a maze of connecting ones to make it easier for other people to ride and have less accidents.

I wish I had a good picture now, but my biggest challenge right now is moving material. I need to move 150 yards of dirt and 500 yards of woodchips. So.. I will keep this updated as we progress. I do not have a dump trailer so this is all getting moved between the tractor and gator. It will be a slow build!
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Its a dirt bike track. WTF are you worried about making ti smooth for?:empathy3:
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