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All thanks to gizmo, coal train and everyone else for getting bourbon on the brain. :drinks:

Butterscotch Bourbon Sauce
Melt 1/2 cup salted butter in a saucepan...don't let it brown or sizzle.
Add 1 & 1/2 cups brown sugar packed tight.
Cook and stir till smooth and the sugar crystals all dissolve. Keep stirring!
Stir on 3/4 cup whipping cream and let it get bubbly and cook, stirring the entire time.
Bring to boil and continue to allow to boil and stir for 3 minutes.
Remove from heat and stir in 2-3 oz bourbon.
Let it cool for just a few minutes before using.

I like to chop pecans, toast them in a skillet with just a little bit of butter, then toss them in cinnamon sugar when they're warm and smell good. Drop a scoop of good vanilla ice cream in a bowl, spoon some of the butterscotch bourbon sauce over it, and sprinkle with the pecans. Then, make some homemade whipping cream and drop a big dollop on top. Yummy!

Seriously good over fruit cobblers, too. You can put leftover in a glass jar in fridge. It will get semi-firm. Then just spoon out what you need, nuke it for a minute and you're ready to go. It will keep like that in fridge for about a week.

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Added to the GTT cookbook. :thumbup1gif:
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