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Buying a 4720

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I have been looking at the 4720 for a while and my local dealer has just got in a 2008 4720 with cab and 200 hours on it. I went by today to check it out, looks to be in great shape. I was wondering if any one has any issues with this year and model any help would be great.....
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I currently own a Kubota L3400.. I can't wait to go green, i'm thinking this is the perfect opportunity.
Welcome to DT!

There are no known issues that I know of...that is a real nice unit! The dealer can run the serial number and tell you of any maintenance history performed at any JD dealer.
I have a 2010 4520 and I really enjoy the tractor. The 4 cyl motor has a lot of torque and the tractor is well built. 200 hours is low hours.

If I were looking at it, I would look at the oil and see if its clean. Also look at the hydro oil and see how that looks. You are at the point that it needs a hydro fluid change so that might be something you want to work into the purchase.

There is a break in time where they upped the hp of these units. You are right on the edge of when they did that in 2008. Someone else might have a better memory than me. My 4520 is 66 hp and has more hp than traction.

What tires does this unit have? Are they loaded? Does it have a loader? 400x or 400cx?

Let us know how we can help you out!
With more Land a 47xx was in my sights.
Thanks for the info, I am going by the dealership tomorrow to check it out.

This unit has the 400x loader with the R-4 tires. I will check on the HP rating to that's a good thought .

I will have the serial number run to see about the maintenance history.
Good luck. I have a 2009 4320 that I love. Haven't heard of any issues with the 2008 4720's.
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