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Anybody hear reports of power issues or excessive scalping with this set up? It's a 31hp gas engine. I'm in MO and we see a good amount of rain in spring. Grass grows quick. I want to chomp thru it at a decent speed :) Also, I am getting the Tweels. My thoughts are in addition to all the selling points (no flats, better ride, better traction due to increase surface area contact, longevity, etc) I won't have to maintain proper tire air pressure which should help with a more level deck.?.?

PS- I know the 997 is the best but I like sleeping in my bed. Thx. Specs in link below.
Unless you're wiling to move to the doghouse for a 997, then that setup sounds great!!

I suppose you could look at a used 997, or maybe even an orange one???

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