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PHD in clay is no problem as long as you don’t screw it into the ground. You will want to pop it up a bit repeatedly as you dril to clear the hole. I have seen if you just let it run it will auger down and lift your front tires off the ground. At that point you are digging our spinning the PTO shaft backwards with a pipe wrench to get it out.
I don't know about a PHD on a SCUT but even with larger tractors you have to lift the auger out to keep it from becoming a screw. The worst thing for us is if we happen to get right beside a large root and the cutting edge slides past but the flights catch. The same thing could happen with a rock. In our case we have to be careful with the 3ph to not bend the digger frame. I would think on a SCUT would lift the front wheels or run out of lift.

I would think the auger on a SCUT would have to be shorter than the 4' or so we have on our digger. We've only got a foot or so of ground clearance when the 3ph is all the way up and that's on a 70 hp tractor.

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