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Buying land and building! Need attachments

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Finally, I can justify having a Scut. My 1025r hasn’t been sweated yet. That being said, we are buying 4 acres of farm flat land and building our dream house. What attachments do I need and want! I already know a 260B because of all my landscaping needs.

I am thinking a post hole attachment for the needed fence. That being said, how do these tractors do handling it? It’s clay but no roots or rocks.

Debating if my 60D is sufficient or if a bush hog is waned for the larger open field mows until I really have it landscaped.

Go! Budget isn’t unlimited but it’s realistic. CFO already approved. Realistic things please.

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I would suggest a landscape rake to start. VERY handy to clean up stuff. Add wheels if you can. A lot depends on how your "lawn" looks now, and what you want to do with it. Bucket and backhoe are as handy as a pocket on a t-shirt!:)

A little trailer might come in handy, or something like I got some stuff from Heavy Hitch to make weights easier to store/move/mount, and a cool dolly to move my 54" mower deck. Grub and skidding chains are good to have. Out of all my stuff, I guess I use my pallet forks the most.
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