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Buying/Selling Tractors - How to be safe when there's no title?

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Here's the summary reason for my post - I bought my tractor new from a Deere dealer along with most of the implements. The other couple of items I also purchased new from another company or received as a gift. I own all of it outright. I have a deal pending to sell everything to a local resident and am wondering what is best to provide them in terms of any paperwork that shows full transfer of legal ownership to them in lieu of the fact that these items are not titled or registered within the state's systems.

I am not willing to provide a "full" copy of my original bill of sale to me because it has all of the pricing and such on it (plus it shows an implement that I have already sold). I suppose that I could take a photo of it, crop out the prices on the right side, and give that... But, that technically also still doesn't show that there is no lien on the machine (which there isn't).

If anyone has any suggestions or knows of a more formal 'registry' of sorts to use, I'm game.

Thanks in advance!
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Deere sends a letter upon pay off. I still have mine in a file. They may be willing to send you a duplicate if you ask.

But to your main point, there is no way to offer any sort of protection here. There is no title so there is no system to track any sort of lien. You can't prove a negative. The only difference between this and buying a push mower from someone at a yard sale is the cost involved.
Thanks. Reasonable points... However... I don't recall what I got (if anything) in the mail from Deere Financial when I paid off the loan (and if I did get something, I have no idea if I still have it or where it is). I do remember grabbing a screen shot of the account at the time showing no balance on the loan, but I don't know if I still have it. Plus, I don't know that there's any way to 'prove' that no lender currently shows my machine as collateral for a loan of any kind. I'm trying to figure out how to fully transfer ownership to the new owner so he's protected and can insure it if he wants or whatever...
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