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Well a Big thank Your to Ryan at BXpanded
Back In early spring or Late winter I sent a email to BXpanded as to what has Changed On the 260 Dolley well Ryan at BXpanded was all set to send me a Dolley for the 260B. At the time I still had a MY 2017 1025R TLB with a 260 backhoe. So I called Ryan and Told Hime I was Just Inquiring on what Changed. But anyways since I know I was Going to Buying a 2025R with a 260B Backhoe anyways. I tell Ryan I'll Pay for a New 260B Dolley Not thinking about the drop Height difference.

But Ryan said if there were Issues He would work On a solution for the Dolley to work On the 2025R. Well finally received My 2025R TLB July 20th Called Ryan that Day Gave Him some Measurements and He went to Work. He thought he be ready In a Few weeks But I waited a Month before Calling Back. and was Told It would Be ready In a week. Well the Perfectionist that Ryan Is. It wasn't Up to snuff for Him. So He finally sent it Last Friday and the 260B Backhoe Dolley for the 2025R arrived today

Basically the frame uses Taller Tubing and some Blocks that You Attach between the rear Dolley Wheels(Backhoe resting side)

The Dolley is Just Perfect for removing the 260B from the 2025R(GEN II)

Thanks again to Ryan at BXpanded :bigthumb:


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