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CAD Software at home?

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Do any of you CAD out your parts before building them? Anybody have any leads on cheap software packages out there? Downloadable student versions that don't expire and leave watermarks would be ideal.

I have access to Solidworks and NX at work and have used ProE in the past but i'm sure i could learn a new one. Lately things have been so busy around the office that I really want to leave at the end of the day. I'm not a fan of eating all 3 meals at work.
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I am with Kenny on this. I work professionally in mechanical engineering, and do not have CAD software at home. At the very most, I do some minor hand sketches. I would rather spend my time building than drawing.
Welcome to DT Hamm. Is there any chance you can post some of your examples? I would sure like to see your drawings in excel.
You would be amazed at what you can do with the drawing tools on Microsoft office Excel these days. I draw everything up in it to scale then do a mini scale model for larger projects. There is usually a couple days of scribbeling on paper before hand but Microsoft Excel is what I use to make it presentable. It even Goes 3D which really makes it easier to show and explain to someone to doesnt have a knack for technical drawings.:thumbup1gif:
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