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Can a plow be used on 825M S4?

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Hi all,

New Gator owner. I purchased 2021 825M S4. I have about a 1/4 mile drive to get to the blacktop that I want to clear off in the winter. I’ve been getting conflicting info about putting a plow on the gator. I have a winch on it. Some folks have told me the s4’s don’t work well with a plow. What’s the truth? If it can, what’s a good option of plow? Thanks for any advice.
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How much snow you get and what your driveway is like make a huge difference.
Thank you. I’m in Kansas City, so a lot of dusting a to 6” storms, mostly 2-3 range. Every once and a while we will get a big 6+ storm but that’s every few years. Drive is concrete, hills and curves. I’m probably better off just buying a salt spreader for the back and let that work and use our truck to get out.
Thank you. I had looked at that thread. I think the issue I’m trying to figure out is if my S4 could have a blade. Most of those look like the two seaters.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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