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Had the same issue

I am so glad I found this thread. I too bought a shaft from a guy that had a blower mounted to a 2320. When I went to install it onto my 2520, it was too long. I checked the part numbers of the shaft for the two tractors prior to buying it and they matched so I thought everything would be fine. I want to thank "lost in Wisconsin" for taking the time to measure the length of his mid pto shaft and posting pictures of the measurements. I took mine to a local joint clutch and gear place and they shortened it for $45.00 within 3 hours and an untrained person would not know it was shortened. When I brought it to the counter and told them what I needed done, they mentioned that they had seen this problem before.

Obviously, the part changed at some point between the two tractors. Perhaps I am not using the John Deere parts catalog correctly. Seems to me that when you are looking for a part, and the part number, or the part has changed over time, that there would be a note or remark for that part indicating which part number is for which year the tractor was built.

I am really glad that I found this post. It validated the measurements I had made on the tractor prior to finding this. Next time I'll come here first!!!
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