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Can we talk about Lubrication?

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I searched and didn't find any discussion on deciphering lubrication specs so ...
For my RC2048 rotary cutter the gearbox needs EP80-90W. The EP represents "Extreme Pressure" where 80-90W represents the Weight /Viscosity rating.
When I look up EP80-90W I find a reference to GL5.
The question is: When buying Oils/Grease..etc is there an easy way to tell what's compatible/equal?

Example: At Tractor Supply they have an 80-90W gear oil listed. The label doesn't have EP but the description says the gear oil is GL5 and has EP components.

Thanks in advance. I'm not wanting to overspend on lubricants and wanted to start the discussion.
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I think the Wikipedia article on Gear Oils answers most of this.

Essentially gear oils are rated using a "GL" number. The higher the number, the higher pressures the oil can take. Basically there is GL1 through GL6. But GL4 and GL5 are the only "active" ratings currently in use. GL5 rated oils have the most "EP" there is.

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The web site linked below is like the GTT of lubricants. One of the forums is "Tractor Lubricants."

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