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I'm in the process of restoring a 1960 Case 530 model 541.This is a Eagle hitch tractor. Not a Draft O Matic. I need to replace the "driven" pto shaft , on a standard PTO tractor, not a independent PTO tractor. The splines on the shaft are nearly worn off from previous owner using a brush hog. This shaft is about 9" long,
My question is what is the process of removing the driven PTO shaft for replacement. I've looked at parts breakdown, called a case person still not sure of process. I'm hoping I can remove the rear cast PTO cover to replace but the case guy THINKS I need to also pull off the transmission and rockshaft cover to access and replace the driven PTO shaft besides the rear PTO cast cover.
I'm planning to replace PTO seal in the cast PTO cover also
Any mechanics out there with experience on these tractors to verify correct procedure.
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