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As @Vern3039r said - The implements are designed to run at their designed speed.

It was mentioned above that diesel engines "generally" make the most torque at lower RPM. Something to consider - The engines are selected/designed/engineered for their specific use case in the device they are mounted. Thus the PTO speed of 540 on a 1 series is 3200engine RPM, but a 4052 has a much lower engine speed at 540PTO.

These engines and their mated transaxle have been engineered to operate in their designed operation window and it would be silly to think that running in the specific window it's designed to run in for is bad for it.

By the same logic, running a large displacement tractor trailer engine designed to run between 1200-1500RPM at 1000RPM would be "better" cause diesels generally make torque at lower RPMs. Engine design determines its best operating window and its relative to the engine use case.

I mow at WOT, so when the load (mower blades and drive) exceeds available power, the blade tip speed remains high. How you run your equipment- That's up to you 😁
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