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Central vacuum question

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Our house has a central vacuum that works but we don’t use. I’m in the middle of renovating the dining room and would like abandon one of the vacuum outlets.

question- if I abandon (cap/plug the pvc pipe)can I simply wire nut off the two wires and still use the rest of the vacuum outlets throughout the house?

I can safely put the wires in a J box in the basement ceilings so they are accessible.
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I don’t see an issue with doing this, just asking in case someone had more experience. Now trying to find a pvc plug for this piping. Turns out it’s “vacuum tubing” pvc and the walls/diameters are not the same as say schedule 20 or 40.
Thanks guys. “Tested” the wires together and they fire the unit up.
Will check these sources for adapters.

Kenny-i bought this house and they have a basement mounted vac and a hose for the second floor and main floor. Looking at the costs of these hoses and the vac is an older but solid Panasonic unit got to imagine that they spent a few grand on installing this system back in the day. My question to you is what made you put one in your house?
pros that I see- the vacuum works well
Cons - initial costs, and dragging heavy hoses around.
I do wish that it had the floor “dust pans” but maybe I can retrofit a few to that feature in the kitchen!
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Definitely looking into the vac pan as I remodel!
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It would be nice if there were some pull down hose reels for the vac hoses scattered throughout the house!
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