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I don’t see an issue with doing this, just asking in case someone had more experience. Now trying to find a pvc plug for this piping. Turns out it’s “vacuum tubing” pvc and the walls/diameters are not the same as say schedule 20 or 40.
Agreed. Adapters are available. For example,
Imperium Central Vacuum 2x2 Vacuum Pipe to Schedule 40 Adaptor (1) (

(You could also wrap the pipe with duct tape to get a tight fit and fill the cap with a very thick adhesive since this is a vacuum line and it won't blow off. I would by an adapter, though.)

Back to wiring: Since there are only two wires, no other outlets can rely on the one you pictured. Cap them off and test the other outlets.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts