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Chain Tighteners

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I run a set of JD 2 link ladder chains on the turfs on my old JD855.

Learned a little trick this winter. I thought about last winter but didn't follow up on then.
I have a couple green bungee cords on the outside that hook up to 6 reasonably evenly spaced locations on the outside of the chains.

This fall I put 3 shorter yellow bungee cords hooked to the inside of the wheel.
All 4 wheels are turned to the widest setting. So there is no problem with clearance.

Seems to work great. Chains stay more evenly spaced across the tread of the tires, side to side.
And the cross chains stay straighter across the tread.

Anyone else do this ?
What has been the result for you ?

Good luck
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I use 2 link ladders on all 4 tires of my 2305. I put them on as tight as I can without changing tire pressure. I've never had a problem with them moving or hitting anything. I have v-bars on the back and twist links on the front that I made from car chains. I don't think that chains can move much on R4's because of the lugs.
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