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Looking at your pictures, I wonder if it's possible to feed the belt up through the half circle cut in the bottom bracket shown as number 10 to get the belt around the main drive pulley? Trying to do that with the top number 10 bracket would likely have the gear box shaft in the way, but if coming up from underneath, perhaps that would make getting the belt in place easier?

You would still have to remove the 4 bolts shown as #13 which are holding the gear box, to be able to manipulate the gear box so there is clearance for the "C" bracket shown as #23, but I am wondering if feeding the belt from the bottom up, wouldn't prevent having to remove #23 and then would permit you to just loosen the #21 bracket and feed the belt through the idler tension pulleys.

I don't own one of these and am simply looking at your pictures and the parts diagrams. I know often in person, things appear differently than they will in pictures. Please note, I am not second guessing your approach, just wondering if there is another way to get the belt fed in place with the least disassembly possible. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and detail the process form those who own the 44" belt drive blowers..

Now I am reminded why I like the shaft drive blowers..... o_O;)

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