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I've got a X580 with a 47" 2 stage snowblower. After last winters 100" snowfall, the blower belt was in serious need of replacement. To tell the truth, I was amazed that it didn't break after moving all that snow. Looking in the owner's manual, it says to just remove the tension pulleys and slide the belt off the snowblower pulley. Sounds easy enough. But someone forgot to tell the pubs people that JD added a "C" shaped piece of metal and bolted it to the side of the blower to keep the belt from jumping out of the pulley. There is no way that belt is coming off/on without removing that "C" piece. And with the belt installed, there is no way to reinstall that "C" piece. I searched the internet to see if someone had video or pictures of the belt being replaced. No such luck. I did read in this forum that you had to remove the 4 bolts on top of the snowblower to remove the belt, but again no pictures on what that bought you.
So armed with my wife's cellphone and a new belt I got pictures. My photo skills need much improvement but I think they get the idea across. We pick up the procedure after the snowblower has been removed from the tractor. The blower is rotated so the auger is facing down and the tension pulleys are facing up. PIC1, PIC2 and PIC3 show how every looks before we get started. Hopefully when we are done, it will look that way again. Note the position of the belt guard on the fixed pulley. The spring tension pulley is keyed so the belt guard can only go in one position. The fixed pulley has no such keying, so you have to remember where it went. (That is why I took a picture).
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Using a 13mm socket and wrench remove the 2 tension pulleys. PIC4 shows the pulleys removed.

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If you look in the back of the picture on the left side, you can see the top of that stupid "C" piece. PIC5 shows the 4 bolts on top (or should I say side since the snowblower is sitting on its auger) that you have to remove next. Make a note where the bolt are in the slotted openings. Usually where they were is pretty easy to see since the bolts scratch the paint off.
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Remove the 4 bolts which brings us to PIC6.
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The only thing left to do is remove the "C" metal. Given that the pulley/gearbox (or whatever you call that blackbox attached to the pulley) can be moved out of the way, remove the "C" metal. That brings us to PIC7.

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You can now remove the belt. Now wasn't that fun ?
The pulley/gearbox now has a lot of movement in it and grabbing it on the bottom of the pulley allows you to move it up/down and side to side. Moving it up feed the belt to the front of the pulley which brings us to PIC8 (sorry for the fuzzy picture).
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Move the belt around the back of the pulley. Now reinstall the "C" metal. Make sure to install it where it was before by looking for the scratched paint - PIC9.
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Reinstall the 4 bolts that bolt to the pulley/gearbox and make sure they are in the same place they were before (look for the scratched paint). It maybe necessary to grab the pulley and move the pulley/gearbox around to get it back in the right position PIC10.
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Finally reinstall the tension pulleys. Hopefully you are now ready to install the snowblower with it's new belt on the tractor. Any questions please let me know. Next time we get the X700 with the shaft drive :)
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