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Changing blades on an LT155 misguided?

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Ok, My LT155 riding mower needs to have the blades replaced and I keep getting conflicting advice about what size socket I need to remove them: They are currently attached to the 42" freedom deck. I have called a local JD dealer and had 2 reps tell me different on the correct socket size. One told me 15mm (wrong), another 14mm (also wrong) both are too small.

I've also tried 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm 6-point sockets, all of them are too small. Also tried 3/4 inch sae, too small. I've exhausted several sites until I found this one. Can anyone advise?

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Kenny gave you good advice, just measure the nut across the flats, what it measures is the size of the socket you will need. Yep, and welcome to DT.
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