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Changing blades on an LT155 misguided?

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Ok, My LT155 riding mower needs to have the blades replaced and I keep getting conflicting advice about what size socket I need to remove them: They are currently attached to the 42" freedom deck. I have called a local JD dealer and had 2 reps tell me different on the correct socket size. One told me 15mm (wrong), another 14mm (also wrong) both are too small.

I've also tried 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm 6-point sockets, all of them are too small. Also tried 3/4 inch sae, too small. I've exhausted several sites until I found this one. Can anyone advise?

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Thank you all for the advice. I appreciate it! I don't know why JD has such fantastic support with their vast archive and no where could I find the correct socket size for the LT155 blade removal.

Great forum. thanks for the welcome and answer.
Yes, Thanks Kenny, I went the caliper route. 21mm it is.
Kenny gave you good advice, just measure the nut across the flats, what it measures is the size of the socket you will need. Yep, and welcome to DT.
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