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All of the recent posts about snow-throwers have me concerned about the seasons. While it is technically still summer, college football starts in earnest today. I'll be thankful for a cool-off in the coming weeks

The wife and I went to Denver 10 days ago. Not much of last winter's snow still on the Rockies; We did see a male bald eagle perched on a snow-fence overlooking a prairie dog town.

From Denver we drove to the Nebraska Panhandle for a 90th birthday party, a rare occasion indeed on my mother's side. I had a nice conversation with a family friend who farms 5000 acres. He has 4,000 acres in corn and had 1,000 acres in wheat. He uses no-till farming, which is probably sensible for the hot and windy part of the plains that he farms in, but seems foreign in our part of the Midwest.

I didn't ask him his preferred tractor brand; He wore "the look" that said it all.

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