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Changing tire width with wheel weights......

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When i first got my tractor I switched the outer rim to give me 2 more inches of width on each side. I then added (2) 110 pound weights tot he inside of the rim and put everything back on. I have been out tilling and my tires are running over the same track as they run the edge of what I till with the 673 and its packing down the ground more than needed.

I want to move them back to stock so the tiller will sit outside the tire tracks rather than right on the edge. Should I attempt to keep the center of the rim on the tractor with the weights and just move the outside rim and tire, or should I remove the complete rim, the weights, then adjust, and replace everything?
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Well done Brian. I can see that being very tricky by yourself.

I love the weights on the inside. The good part to me is that they are not sticking out farther than the tire and they look better.
I really like the look of the wheel weights on the outside but I hate it when they stick out past the tire as well.


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