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If this needs moved,, I'm OK with this.

Today at the my appointment with chiropractor he mentioned Medicare doesn't cover all fees. I told him I knew that because our UHC insurance doesn't cover anything above Medicare coverage.

He told me a R and D representative has a bill being considered that would cover Xrays , over services even making adjustments to your shoulder .

Because at present time Medicare will only cover BACK adjustments nothing else.

At present time, if they adjust my shoulder , Medicare doesn't pay the bill and thankfully they have been writing this bill off for the past 3 months.

Here is the website that if you enter your name and address they will send it to a representative.

HR3654 Take Action

Click on Take Action

I agree yes their office would receive more money , but as a patience we would receive more service with out paying more money out of our pocket.
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