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I don't know if anyone has had this problem but I did the first spring after owning my 5065E. I bought it new in August 2012 but used it very little before I parked it in my barn where it sat and I only moved it once during the winter. When I went to move it in early April the clutch wouldn't disengage at all. I tried everything I could think of including driving it up to a tree in a hedgerow and bumping the tree with the bucket hoping to break the clutch disc free. All I did was to dig 4 holes from the tires spinning before I could shut the engine off. I put the shifter into reverse and hit the starter hoping the tractor would move and the engine would start. No luck. The starter couldn't pull the tractor out of the holes.
I got another of my tractors, put the 5065 into neutral and pulled it out onto flat ground. After putting the shifter into C 2 I hit the starter and the tractor moved ahead and started. The same way it did when heading for the tree.
As long as it was running and moving I headed out for the three mile drive to my dealer. I called my wife and told her to pick me up there.
When I got to the dealership their mechanic, who is a friend of mine, tried to break it free by driving up against a concrete wall. No luck. I left the tractor there.
After a couple days I got a call to pick the tractor up. My dealer had to split the tractor and replace the clutch disc, clean the flywheel and the pressure plate. The disc was rusted solidly to the flywheel. They did all this under warranty. They also told me I wasn't the first to have this problem. They suggested I lock the clutch pedal down if the tractor isn't going to move for some time. This will let air circulate past the pressure plate, disc and flywheel.
To lock the clutch pedal down I cut a length of hardwood 1" x 1", sharpened one end and ground a notch in the other end. If the tractor is going to sit idle for any length of time I push the clutch pedal all the way down and slide the stick between the pedal and the steel fender. I have since found out John Deere actually makes or made a tool to do this.
Since I have been doing this I have had no issues with the clutch regardless of how long it sits which is most of the winter.
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