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Common Abbreviations/Acronym's Used in the Tractor World

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Here is a list of very common abbreviations/acronym's you will see often posted here on GreenTractorTalk in reference to tractors, implements and hydraulics. I am sure there are more that I did not think of, so please PM me any additions you may have and I will update the list.

General Tractor Related
3PH = Three Point Hitch
4WD = 4 wheel Drive
AC = Air Conditioning
ALT = Alternator
AWS = All Wheel Steer
BB = Ballast Box or Box Blade
BH = Backhoe or Brushhog
CAB = Factory Cab Equipped
CARB = California Air Resources Board
CUT = Compact Utility Tractor
EROPS = Enclosed Roll Over Protection Structure
FEL = Front End Loader
FOPS = Falling Object Protection Structure
FSM = Factory Service Manual
GEN = Generator
ISO = International Standards Organization
JDQA = John Deere Quick Attach
LR = Landscape Rake
MFWD = Mechanical Front Wheel Drive
MMM = Mid Mount Mower
MOD = Mulch On Demand
MSDS = Material Saftey Data Sheet
NSL = Non-Self Leveling (Loader)
OS = Open Station (not equipped with a cab)
OM = Operator's Manual
PC = Parts Catalog
PHD = Post Hole Digger
PS = Power Steering
PTO = Power Take Off
QA = Quick Attach
QH = Quick Hitch
RB = Rear Blade
RC = Rotary Cutter
RFM = Rear Finish Mower
RIO = Reverse Implement Operation
ROD = Rate Of Drop Valve, used to control the lowering speed of the 3PH
ROPS = Roll Over Protection Structure
SCUT = Sub-Compact Utility Tractor
SL = Self Leveling (Loader)
SM = Service Manual
SSL = Skid Steer Loader, AKA "Bobcat"
SSQA = Skid Steer Quick Attach
TDCM = Time Delay Control Module
TnT = Top and Tilt (for 3-point equipment)
TM = Technical Manual
TPH = Three Point Hitch
TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
WW = Wheel Weights
ZTR = Zero Turn Radius Mower

Hydraulic Related
BSPP = British Standard Pipe Parallel
CC = Closed Center
CRV = Cross-over Relief Valve/Cushion Valve
DA = Double or Dual Acting
DSCV = Dual Selective Control Valve
EHV = Electric over Hydraulic Valve
GPM = Gallons Per Minute
JIC = Joint Industry Conference Standard (hydraulic fitting)
NPT = National Pipe Thread (hydraulic fitting)
OC = Open Center
ORB = O-ring Boss (hydraulic fitting)
ORFS = O-ring Face Seal (hydraulic fitting)
PB = Power Beyond (Sometimes also BYD)
PRV = Pressure Relief Valve
PSI = Pounds per Square Inch
QC = Quick Coupling (or maybe Quick Connect) (Hydraulic Hose)
QD = Quick Disconnect (Hydraulic Hose
SCV = Selective Control Valve
SA = Single Acting
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