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I received this email today from ANBO regarding their grapples. I did not know if there were any owners on GTT but just in case there is and they did not get this I thought it would be worth posting. Sorry for the complete email post. I tried to find a link but was unable to do so.


We are accepting video submissions from April 1st thru Sept 30th
Please email your video or a link to your video to: [email protected]

Grapple video entries will be judged and voted on by our staff using the following criteria:

Most uses of grapple: 10 Points each
Per shown example of an ANBO grapple doing distinctilydifferent jobs or tasks. So if you show 1. Moving brush + 2. Grabbing a tree stump + 3. Moving a rock = 30 points!
Best quality video: Up to 20 points
Hi-Quality footage sent in will get up to 20 points! Each video will be judged on the quality of technique, angle of footage and clarity.

Operator skill: Up to 20 Points per skill shown
Are you a skilled grapple operator? Show us what you can do with your grapple! Each video will be rated for operator expertise and skill. Open a bottle! Pick up an egg! Be creative!

Video creativity: Up to 20 Points
The most creative video submissions will get points for originality, creativity, or general uniqueness. Do amazing things with your grapple that we have never seen! Be creative!
And now the PRIZES!
Winners will be announced 2 weeks after contest end date of September 30th 2014.

1st Place: $5,000 Credit towards any new ANBO product purchase!
2nd Place: $2,500 Credit towards any New ANBO product purchase!
3rd Place: $1,000 Credit towards any new ANBO product purchase!

On Oct 14th 2014 we will announce the winners!

Please email your video or a link to your video to
[email protected]

*This is for CURRENT ANBO Grapple Owners.
*All videos submitted should feature an ANBO grapple of any kind to be entered into the contest.

*Also, if you purchase an ANBO grapple during this time period and send in a video, you are also eligible to win!
How to send a video:
1. You can send a larger video file under 300MB thru
2. You may upload your video to YouTube and send us a link at [email protected]
3. You can upload your Video to VIMEO and send us a link at [email protected]
How to edit your videos:
1. If you upload to YouTube you can edit your video using their edit tools easy and free.
2. Using Microsoft Movie Maker you can edit your videos. It is free and is already on most Windows PC's.
3. You can also use IMovie for MAC, Adobe Premier or any other commercial video editing software.
Please email your video or a link to your video to [email protected]
We appreciate all of our current ANBO grapple owners and hope they enter this contest. If you own an ANBO grapple you will enjoy earning credit towards another ANBO purchase. Whether you apply your credit to a new grapple, extractor or even a snow blade, the winning credit amounts are for ANY ANBO product you desire.
To claim your prize you must agree to let us use your video, likeness and first name for marketing purposes. By sending us your video or video link you automatically agree to these terms. So once a video is received you accept these terms. One entry per household. On Oct 14th 2014 we will announce the winners! All video submissions can be used for marketing purposes and you give us permission to use as such upon submission. First names and videos can be used as testimonials and info pieces, and may also be used in printed ad materials.
*This contest is for ANBO grapple owners only! You must use an ANBO grapple in your videos!
*Also if you purchase an ANBO grapple during this time period and send in a video you are also eligible!

Standard and High Capacity Models - Superior Clamping Power

Move cars and metal in wrecking yards, clear brush, trees and trash in waste handling, move rocks and clear roots and trees, break-up building and concrete at demolition sites.

Custom mounts for virtually ALL machines.
For more information on ANBO’s Attachment Series please call toll free at 866-684-3330
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