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CountyLine PHD vs. Rotomec PHD vs. PeaveyMart PHD vs. DR Equipment PHD

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I've been researching PHDs for my 1025r and have come up with these options, that seem to be obtainable in Ontario. There are others, but I'd rather go with a well known manufacturer.

1. Frontier Equipment PHD 100 made by Rotomec

2. DR Power Equipment PHD (SKU:000000000000414741)

3. County Line PHD (602377), sold by TSC Stores in the U.S.

4. AGRIEASE PHD (SKU #292101MFG. PART NUMBERBE-PHDG), sold by Peavey Mart (formerly TSC Stores) in Canada

The DR Equipment PHD seems to be the same as the County Line PHD, the only difference being the DR Equipment PHD is painted orange and the County Line PHD is painted yellow.

The PHD sold in Canada by Peavey Mart (formerly TSC Stores) is clearly different from the one soldin the U.S. To make things even more confusing, DR Equipment used to be known as "Country Line Products" (with an 'r') before it was apparently bought by Generac. Whew! I have three pieces of equipment made by DR Equipment and like their products.

Does anyone own one of the County Line PHDs, and offer any plus/minuses for the County Line PHD? Do you think it is the same as the DR Equipment PHD? (Link to DR Equipment PHD: DR PHD

This video seems to cover the assembly of the County Line (aka DR Equipment) PHD very well. I'd choose the County Line/DR Equipment PHD, unless I find reasons to avoid it.

(I have approximately 100 post holes to dig over the next four months this summer. Later, not this year, I will be fencing an additional 10 acres.)

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tractor supply has a 3 ft long by 9 inch auger that fits the countyline phd. Only available online. If you order it. Thats the size auger you need for using on the 1025
I had a Countyline last year. I dug more than 100 holes in a week with no issues at all. Once the project was completed I sold it for almost what I paid for it. It also worked much better when I used grade 5 shear bolts.
Thanks guys. I won't be able to order the CountryLine PHD from TSC Stores in the U.S., because they'd just tell me to go to the Canadian TSC Store to order it (which is now called Peavey Mart). And the Canadian PHD offered by Peavey Mart seems to be substantially different from the U.S. one.

But I think I can have the DR Equipment PHD, which appears to be identical to the CountryLine PHD, delivered to Ontario. For a small additional cost, of course. :(
I have had the CountyLine PHD for about 6-7 years. Seal went out of the gearbox probably before I even had a chance to use it. But I put a little gun grease in it and it has been working fine since. A couple of years ago I drilled 40 holes and it worked fine. I have the 4ft - 9 inch auger.

I'd check out everything attachments, they built one specifically for subcompacts.
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On closer inspection I realize the DR Equipment PHD and CountyLine PHD are not the same, and I prefer the CountyLine, based on what I’ve seen/read.

if the U.S./Canada border wasn’t closed I’d order one to be picked up at the TSC Store just 45 min. from me in the U.S., shoot down there and pick it up. I wonder if my trip could qualify as an “essential“ trip? Damn this Covid,
@BOBL & @ddinham -- what type of soil have you used your PHD in? I have a lot of shale and stone -- any experience using a PHD in that type of soil?
Mostly clay on my place and close neighbors. A lot of farming close by with much better soil. A few rocks.

@BOBL & @ddinham -- what type of soil have you used your PHD in? I have a lot of shale and stone -- any experience using a PHD in that type of soil?
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The soil here is more rock and stone than anything else. I broke a tooth off, but that was just the bolt holding it on. I even went to type 8 bolts with no issues at all. It's a great PHD. But like the rest a real PITA to put on the tractor.

@BOBL & @ddinham -- what type of soil have you used your PHD in? I have a lot of shale and stone -- any experience using a PHD in that type of soil?
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I have the Romotec model 100 and my 4200 handles it fine. Just like everything else with these small tractors it's not the absolute best but it's available anytime I need it. Just go slow and pull it out of the ground a couple times to keep the debris clear. If you just let it dig it will get stuck or you'll break something.

I also have an older unknown brand that worked fine for many years and still does. I just happened upon the newer one slightly used at an almost give away price. It came with two augers and a nice stand which is very helpful.
Whichever brand PHL you select, make sure to carefully determine the correct PTO shaft length so it works for any angle the PHD encounters as it's being used.

There have been some cases where PHD's were used with the PTO shaft too long and in the digging process, they damaged the rear case on these smaller tractors by binding the PTO shaft into the output shaft bearing and case on the aluminum rear case.

Also, be prepared to have to manually back out the PHD auger depending upon the soil conditions and your experience using these implements.
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