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Coupon code artillian forks

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Hi Guys,
Finally going to pull the trigger on a pallet fork frame. Getting the bigger 3k frame mostly for the reciever hitch.

I thought there was a TTWT ( Tractor Time With Tim) discount but It doesnt seem to work.

Anyone know of one that does?
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They do not accept any that I know of.
Kenny was spot on. Had to pay full boat plus 6.5% MA tax. But I did save myself $130 by not having to ship it.

That slippery stuff they put on the front definitely does make it easier to move the forks.

Ive got about 20 good sized trees to plant. These will come in handy for that for sure.

I had a spare set of 36” forks we swaped out on a fork lift. I’ll have to see if I can get by with those untill I can find some used 4’ ones.
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