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JD parts shows three creeper kits: LV100150 or LVB25153 depending on your serial number or LV100118 which parts calls a "high speed" creeper kit.

The only other thing I found in JD parts was a different insert for the range knob.

The only instructions from the Tech Manual was bolt unit in with flexible sealant on mating surface and torque cap screws to 37lb - ft.

Sounds like it's "Plug & Play" as in; bolt it in, and you're ready to use it. Bolts to right side of transmission case.

Ground speed at 2400rpm with 14.9 - 24" tires; Forward speeds:
Standard creeper: C1 = .20mph, C2 = .30mph, C3 = .40mph
High speed creeper: C1 = .49mph, C2 = .70mph, C3 = .96mph

If there are install instruction, JD service department should be able to find & print using any of the three kit numbers listed above.
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