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Great advice, thank you! Yes, I was trying to drive them out at the same time. I will try this.
Just in case you end up needing to replace the pins, the smaller pin or the "inside pin" is John Deere Part number CH17124 and sells for about $1.11 and the larger diameter pin, or the outer pin is CH17125 and sells for $1.31. Good luck.......

It's really handy to have a set of these in the toolbox, if you don't have them already. Here's another tip, as you are tapping the pins out, remove the punch every couple of hits to make sure you don't get the punch stuck in the hole.

The other day a neighbor was removing a pin in a PTO shaft and he got the punch stuck inside the pin and when he was trying to get the punch backed out, he snapped it off in the shaft. I ended up having to drill out the broken off punch first and then the pin, to get it apart, so make sure you don't wedge the punch inside the pin when driving either pin out or it just gets harder and harder to finish the repair..............

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