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When we bought our hilltop farm in 2016 we knew that it needed the rear deck replaced. This deck wraps around the entertainment space (think gymnasium), and has a western view to the horizon. The original deck was roughly 80×12 when considering the wrap around. The composite boards we chose come in either 8' or 16' lengths, so we decided to increase the width from 12' to 16' by means of cantilevering over the reinforced concrete columns. In order to accomodate the cantilever and ro never suffer from Rot again, we went with cold formed galvalized steel framing. The joists are parallel to the wall to allow the 16' Lumberrock composite deck boards to run from the wall to the edge in a continuous board.

The framing consists of 6x12 box beams constructed from 2ea 14 ga (0.068") thick 3x12 studs with 14ga 3×6 caps from track. I will cover the existing band joists with 26ga flashing to make them weathertight. The box beams will sit on the exising columns and secured with 24" long saddles that are epoxy anchored and groutrd onto the concrete core of the columns.

The joists are 1 5/8 x 8 x 16ga (0.054") studs placed 12" OC starting 2" off the wall to provide an air gap.

The decking will be 5/4 Lumberrock minersal fiber composite that is sloped 3/16" per foot away from the house . I am considering to apply membrane to the tops of the joists more for squeak prevention, but also to prevent rubbing of the galvanizing.

Upon stripping the old deck off, we found water damage that must be repaired. I am still considering how to perform this repair. But I hope to get an adjacent panel up in the next few weeks to test the plan. Pics of the original deck are attached.

Concrete filled brick column

Demolition of 40 year old deck

Property entrance is the horisintal white line past the edge of the deck, right of center

16ga joists

3x12 studs and tracks for box girders

Views from below. House is 200' above entrance and on top of a ridge.

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