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So Brian's post on his battery problems got me to thinkin I should research MY battery so when/if it dies, I'm prepared to buy a new one no question...

The Factory TY26498 Strongbox battery on a 3x20 is a 22NF, 9.4"L, 5.5"W, 8.9"T, RH Positive, 500CCA

According to my research, a great "like for like" replacement would be a Group 51R battery: 9.4"L, 5.1"W, 8.8"T

If you'd like to up the CCA, I THINK a group 35 would/might work better, but I've got to pop the hood and confirm it would fit before I can say its the way to go..a Group 35 specs out at: 9.1"L, 6.9"W, 8.9"T, a group 35 battery is usually in the 700CCA range...
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