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Deere 6115D Oil Pan Gasket

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I have a 6115D MFWD with cab that recent started leaking at the oil pan gasket. Has anyone change one on this machine. It is what I would call a frameless tractor so I am wondering How big of a job this is to change. My particular question would be once I take out that large bolts connecting the front end to the engine will the machine want to “split”. Thank you in advance
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I doubt that the oil pan is supporting remainder of tractor. I know my JD 4255 has a similar type oil pan except my engine is a 6 cylinder instead of 4 cyl that I removed without any extra support for tractor last yr to determine where coolant was getting into crankcase.
I’m going with supporting the tractor in two places as if splitting. The 6105 oil pan is a structural member.
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