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I went home last night after work and noticed a package on my front porch. As I approached in the car, I seen a very large John Deere Logo. My mind went into a crazy list of what i might have ordered and forgot about. As my kids fought over who was going to be able to run to the porch from the garage and get the box, I realized I did not order anything. Then the "dreams" of might John deere sent me something, something cool for owning a forum about them, something amazing. Yes, this small box was filled with pure John Deere Swag. As my son brought the box to me, I was reminded of Christmas when I was young. What could this amazing gift be. Then I picked it up and thought it sure is light and my dreams of Deere sending me a new 6 series utility tractor were fading. :lol:

As I opened what I now believed to be a hat, I found this new rollover valve for my Zero Turn ( Z920a ). In reading why they sent this out, I can see why its needed. The hose for this is out in the open and could get snagged on a tree or strap when being loaded or off loaded.

Did anyone else with these mower get this same box?


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